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Sale & rental of our luminous letters

  • Wooden & painted white

  • Can be exposed indoors & outdoors

  • Dimensions:

    • 90cm high

    • 40cm wide

    • 15cm deep

    • Easy to carry: fits in the trunk of a small car without having to lower the seats

  • Vintage design thanks to a serif font and vintage bulbs (LED)

  • Serial connection (only one plug is needed to connect them)

  • Perfect finish for a product of the greatest elegance

  • Available for sale & rent

    • Rates




Whether you want organize your birthday or of a friend's birthday: nothing is better than our luminous letters to bring light and festivity to the evening!

Name, nickname, age: write whatever you want to make this event memorable!


Cooporate events

An inspirational message to pass on to your employees? The numbers of the year to celebrate with your team? With our luminous letters, highlight your business and improve your brand image with your customers, suppliers and employees.



Illuminate your ceremony with our luminous letters! White and elegant, they will perfectly accompany your reception. Block this moment forever with pictures taken next to a LOVE, a heart, your initials separated by the "&" symbol or even the words "I do." .



Festivals, concerts, shows, shows: all occasions are good so that our luminous letters accompany the theme of your event & contribute to its festive atmosphere! Arrange the letters to brighten your scene and dazzle the audience!

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